Our communication has evolved drastically, we started with word of mouth messages, those written in letters, now we have a much faster and more effective type of communication. If you’re searching for true love (busco pareja), this way is as efficient as any other.

With the arrival of WhatsApp to text messages you are no longer the first choice, but it has not disappeared altogether. No doubt these messages are still used for communication of any kind, they are now called “emergency messages”, because when we do not have mobile data we choose to use them.

But is mobile chat still useful for flirting?

As we know this world today there can still be communication to flirt by these means, even if it seems a little old, to flirt you only need ingenuity and desire to do it, the rest is the least. Although we can not deny that through WhatsApp communication is faster, thanks to that we can send Voice, videos, photos, stickers and chat, it is not just about that, it is much more than that.

If you really want to complement with someone and you know how to express yourself, you don’t need a lot of technology to do it, it’s true that you will have to work harder, but the opportunities are not exhausted for those who take advantage of them.

Mobile chat still works and is used the same way, not with the same frequency that was used 10 8-10 years ago, but it is still a method of direct and effective communication for any of the cases.

Should I work harder to express myself by text message?

The answer is yes, but this does not affect people who are good at writing and expressing what they think. Poets and people of good lexicon will have no problem in communicating of this kind.

Although it is true, as mentioned before, you only need ingenuity and desire to express what you feel and above all to write correctly. Romance has no form, nor does it depend on current technology, it only depends on the enthusiasm and desire that are exposed in it.

You don’t have to worry if you are one of the people who still likes to write these messages and feels good about it, just be you and follow what you want to say. Opportunities are where you want them to be, take advantage of even paper letters and show that you can be the right prospect for anyone you want to flirt.

We know that flirting is an art and like every artist the spark is in you and what you invent to get good results. Ingenuity is first and foremost in these times when you see everything and nothing surprises anymore.

Without a doubt you can be the best option for anyone if you know how to do it, Go and get it right!

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