Beyond the time you spend studying, there are some things you must do and some things you must not do to be productive. If it often happens to you that after hours of reading you find that you are almost completely confused, you may be disorganized and distracted as you try to understand the lesson.

With the number of subjects that each career has, being well organized is key to learning more. How can we improve our academic performance, raise the average and make the hours of study really work? There are some very simple strategies you can put into practice. Check out some tips to help you do this.

5 tips to organize your study time

1 – Get organized

The first thing to do is to have the right organization, which involves keeping your study materials up to date and keeping a schedule with important dates and schedules for assignments, tests and exams. By knowing the tasks ahead and the time to do them, you can better organize your study time.

2 – Prioritize

Of course, there are subjects that will cost you more and others less, and this is where you should prioritize. Classify the subjects according to difficulty level to determine which one you will spend more time on. Priorities should also be set according to scheduled delivery and testing dates.

3 – Study gradually

If you try to study everything two days before an exam, you will feel stressed and frustrated by the result, while if you study every day gradually you will be more prepared for a test and will have a better understanding of the topics, while also allowing you to review the material.

Before a test, he spends between forty minutes and an hour a day studying the subject for at least a week, and takes advantage of “downtime” (such as subway travel) to review it.

4 – Try different study methods

There are different study methods and not all of them work the same way, so knowing which one suits you best is another key to optimizing your time. What are the most effective study methods?

5 – Eliminates all distractions

If after hours of study you can’t hold back anything you read, you’re probably distracted by something, so you’re not concentrating on the text. When you sit down to study, you should eliminate anything that distracts you: Internet, cell phone, television, radio or any other issue that may be harmful to your study time.

How to optimize your study time