It’s nothing new that ink cartridges are extremely expensive, which means an absolutely high budget either for use on site or in large-scale enterprises. However, there is now the possibility of resorting to alternative brands, which are highly efficient but have a lower cost than the price of the buying printer ink (comprar tinta impresora).

In the first instance, it is valid to emphasize the ink cartridges, in general, tend to be extremely expensive because they are made by the same company that makes the printer. In this sense, it is important to note that each of the products is manufactured under the highest quality standards to ensure durability and functionality over time. In this way, it also guarantees the correct functioning of the product and avoids any kind of breakdown that may arise in the near future.

Alternative cartridges

It is also important to note that different types of alternative models have emerged in the consumer market, which although economic have various disadvantages, among which are the following:

  • The alternative cartridge does not always guarantee the correct functionality of the printer.

  • The useful life of the cartridge is not equivalent to that of an original.

  • In many occasions they are made of incorrect way, therefore, they do not manage to supply the necessities of the clients, because they are not compatible with the product in question.

  • The HP company maintains that the ink cartridges they manufacture offer a much higher printing volume than any other kind of alternative product, which gives an absolutely unequalled benefit to the final consumer who will also be absolutely sure of having a quality product and will not produce any kind of breakdown when making any kind of printing.

In short, it can be said that the purchase of an original product turns out to be a long-term investment rather than an expense in itself, since it will not produce any kind of inconvenience a posteriori.

Another fundamental feature that have original product is that the margin of error is 1% compared to 50% of alternative brands in this sense is an invaluable loss because it does not yield 100%.

Everyone should be more aware of the costs we have and the waste we generate, so good management of both is crucial to taking care of the environment while avoiding a hole in our wallet.

In short, buying an alternative cartridge implies a priori savings but an expense a posteriori in addition to the possibility that the printer has a future breakdown, so it would involve an unthinkable expense and end up spending much more money. Therefore, it is advisable to buy ink cartridges compatible with the printer to be used.

Why are ink cartridges so expensive?